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4 November 2021

Welcome to Farmaforum 2021 Brokerage Event

The Farmaforum 2021 Brokerage offers business contacts to industry, science, and nanotechnology professionals who are looking for potential partners within the field: Pharma, Biopharma, Cosmetic, Biotech, Lab technology, and research to ensure sustainable business development and growth.

Brokerage Event

Within the framework of the International Congress FARMAFORUMCOSMETICAFORUM, and HEALTH&RESEARCH FORUM 2021, Fundación madri+d para el Conocimiento organizes the 6th edition of Farmaforum International cooperation Day in Life Science to exchange information between possible technological partners, in the framework on the activities under Enterprise Europe Network.

Farmaforum 2021, Forum Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, and Laboratory Technology celebrates its seventh edition in Madrid. Again we have chosen IFEMA facilities, specifically pavilion 7 of Feria de Madrid.

In its six years of existence, Farmaforum has established itself as the most important event of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Spain, extending its subject and sharing synergies with the biotechnology industry and the cosmetics industry through special areas Labforum and Cosméticaforum.

Farmaforum consists of an exhibition area and an extensive program of conferences, workshops and also provide many occasions for networking.

In 2021 and after the success in 2019 will also be held the second edition Health&Research Forum, Materials, Instrumentation, Equipment and Methods for Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory. A complementary and parallel fair to Farmaforum focused on the new generation of any research or analytical lab.

The pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and cosmetic industry among other sectors rely on advances in research to launch their products. Accelerate these processes ensuring quality and safety directly influences the costs of new development and is therefore of utmost importance for companies

The main objective of the event is to create a meeting forum for companies, research institutes, universities, and other organizations that are actively engaged within the field of Pharma, Biopharma, Cosmetic, Biotech, and Lab Technology. Participants may provide opportunities for collaboration and business based on technology, through aimed-to-agreement bilateral meetings.

Those entities which have been arranged meetings through the event tool will be able to participate in face-to-face sessions.

Main topics

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Health
  • Cosmetics
  • Bio-industries
  • Biotech in Cosmetic
  • Related sectors: logistics, regulations, quality, and production.

Why participate

  • Use the event to initiate new businesses
  • Meet providers of innovative technologies from throughout Europe and beyond
  • Enter into contact with potential partners for future co-operation
  • Establish cross-border contacts for a long-term business relationship

Target group

  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic companies
  • Biotech, diagnostic, and clinical trial industries
  • Laboratory suppliers
  • Universities, institutes
  • and other organizations looking for commercial, technological or research partners from Europe and beyond.

How does it work?

  1. Register and publish your collaboration wishes
  2. Browse the participant list and book meetings with companies you are interested in
  3. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule

Closed since 3 November 2021
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Participants 169
Meetings 125
Spain 141
Poland 5
Türkiye 4
Chile 3
France 2
United Kingdom 2
Italy 2
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Lithuania 1
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Total 177
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